SBDS Prototype 0.1: herramienta de búsqueda innovadora

La Biblioteca Nacional de Australia tiene un servicio de búsqueda  innovador en prototipo: SBDS Prototype 0.1

"The service is available at and provides integrated access to over 42 million metadata and text resources from a range of the National Library’s collaborative services and from elsewhere. For this initial version there are a range of data sources including: the Australian National Bibliographic Database, Australian Newspapers, Picture Australia, the ARROW Discovery Service, Pandora. The new service will also provide the discovery interface for the People Australia initiative. Additionally we have included some external sources of data such as OAIster, Open Library, the Hathi Trust, the Internet Archive and the Library of Congress tables of contents, publishers’ descriptions and sample book chapters.

In leveraging off the collaborative approach the National Library takes with its discovery services, and in integrating results from across collections and formats, this new service will have distinct benefits for users. For example a researcher searching for images relating to "George Woodroffe Goyder" will also be presented with results relating to people, book, manuscript, map and newspaper results. This new approach presents major benefits to the researcher who, in the past, would have had to visit each discovery service in turn and conduct separate searches for the material they sought.

Hice una búsqueda con "Virtual Worlds" Libraries como descriptores y me devolvió 1,273 resultados distribuidos por categorias de manera muy visual. Tiene resultados en "clusters" o grupos a mano izquierda para dar oportunidad a refinar la búsqueda y pestñas emn la parte superior.  Me parece el comienzo de un extraordinario producto.

[Vía Lorcan Dempsey’s Weblog]



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