Compilación de recursos gratis

Reproduzco la compilación de recursos gratis que hizo Librarian in Black de algunas presentaciones que ha dado para las bibliotecas públicas recientemente, desde Hawaii a Iowa.


1. Free Software for Public & Staff Computers

  • Operating System (instead of Windows) – Ubuntu
  • Email/Calendar (instead of Outlook) – Google Calendar & Gmail
  • Web Browser (instead of IE) – Firefox, Google Chrome
  • Financial Software (instead of Quicken) – GNU Cash
  • Productivity Software (instead of Office) – Open Office
    • – word processing (like Word), spreadsheets (like Excel), presentations (like PowerPoint), databases (like Access), desktop publishing (like Publisher), and calculator (like, errr…, a calculator)
  • Image Editing (instead of PhotoShop) – GIMP
  • Typing Software – GNUTypist or TypeFaster Typing Tutor
  • CD writing – Brasero or InfraRecorder

2. Free Security Software Suite

3. Free Staff Scheduling Software

4. Free Team Meeting Tools

5. Free Tech Support Tools

  • Embedded chat (pop it in your intranet header) – Meebo Me chat widget
  • Voice or video chat (another way to contact tech support) – Skype, Ekiga, Sightspeed, or Tokbox
  • Screencasts on the fly (for tech support to help you!) – Jing
  • Discussion board (create a staff board re: common tech issues) – Google Groups
  • Remote Support (tech support folks can log in & control/see your computer) –, TightVNC

6. Free Audio & Video Tools

7. Free eLearning Tools

8. Free “Contact Us” Tools to Communicate with Customers

9. Free Social Network & Extended Web Presence Tools

10. Free Website Management Tools

11. Free eBooks (need to cut your eBook budget? that’s ok – there are a lot of free eBooks out there.)

12. Free Articles

13. Miscellaneous Other Free Stuff



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