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Reference Renaissance

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An up-to-date source for discovering cutting-edge trends and finding out how exciting reference service innovations can become a reality at your library!

Respected authorities on today’s rapidly changing reference landscape Marie L. Radford and R. David Lankes have brought together a pioneering collection that delivers creative, proven guidance to LIS professionals in public, academic, and special libraries and information centers. In addition to featuring current research trends and philosophical approaches to reference, the editors present a wide-range of exciting new reports from the field. Reports include the practical information you need to replicate these groundbreaking programs in your library, and includes the institutional context, a detailed description of the initiative, best practices, an assessment of results, a bibliography of cited references, and websites on similar efforts.
You will learn about all modes of virtual reference, re-invented face-to-face services, novel mobile services, and how to apply text messaging, Facebook, and other social-networking tools to reference service. A few of the forward-looking reports include:
• Giving Users Options for Chat Reference
• You Bought It, Now Sell It: Creating a Reference Renaissance in the Public Library by Marketing Collections and Services
• Stayin’ Alive in the Google Age: Adding Custom Search Engines for Better Internet Research
Reference Renaissance provides an exciting array of outstanding reference endeavors that will help you to leverage staff resources and discover new ways to fully meet your users’ diverse needs

Edited by Marie L. Radford and R. David Lankes

ISBN: 9781555706807
Published: 2010

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