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On the Development of Multi-Dimensional Learning Spaces"

Ayer asistí a la conferencia Desarrollo de espacios de aprendizaje multi dimensionales con David Jakes.  Me estuvo interesante la manera en que presenta espacios de aprendizaje donde el estudiante y facilitador son “libres” todo es con el propósito de aprender.

Comparto el resumen y algunas fotos.





"On the Development of Multi-Dimensional Learning Spaces"
Facilitated by David Jakes

AASL – ISTE SIGMS Librarian Learning Community Mtg – Oct 26, 2010

In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of space to learning, and how schools must rethink how space is designed and allocated to support new dimensions of learning. Specifically, a model for a multi-dimensional learning space that blends both physical and digital elements will be presented. Our collaborative discussion will then consider and assess the role that the library and librarians have in creating and sustaining such a space.

David is a frequent, nationally-known speaker on topics related to Web 2.0 technologies. He is currently hosting a series of four webinars for ISTE, as well. He is also a prominent blogger of the blog "The Strength of Weak Ties". David has spent twenty four years in education as a teacher, staff developer and technology coordinator. He currently works as the Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Glenbrook South High School in Glenbrook, Illinois, where he works closely with his school librarian to create a space that blends technology with the full library program.


• David will begin with an overview of the topic “The Development of Multidimensional Learning Spaces”. 
• Next, he will lead a discussion on sharing tips about free technologies.
In SL, join the ALA group.  Click the search button on the bottom of your screen.  Tick the box to Include Mature content (brings up all educational sites).  Search ALA.  Select ALA SL-Events.  You will receive in-world notices about upcoming ALA events. 

Join the ISTE group by search ISTE –> ISTE: Educational Technology Assoc

Our next meeting will be with  on Nov 10th with David Loertscher.

Event contact:  Lisa Perez (avatar: Elaine Tulip), Chicago Public Schools Dept of Libraries,

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