"Resistance is futile (Transcripción chat)


Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia) Faculty member at University of  Richmond.

["Resistance is futile: making a case for virtual worlds"

15:42] Senko91 Resident: where on of the ppl commenting mentions that in 50 years we won’t need texting anymore and that we can use brain vortexes to send thoughts to eachother XD
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[15:42] Carolrb Roux: 🙂
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[15:42] Jacqueline Despres: I’m surprised he was able to nuke his facebook account — do they really let us out once they have us?
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[15:43] DyVerse  Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): at sxsw they had a session on immersive pc "glasses" and they had a hand held device used for input similar to a phone where you just press one of 9 keys etc
[15:43] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: One of my student’s nuked his FB account after reading Feed
[15:43] BigRedCoyote Resident: QWERTY is an example of educations resistangce to change Typeing teachers didn’t want to change
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[15:43] Stylianos Mystakidis (stylianos.ling): Techno-resistance
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[15:43] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: sometimes resistance is necessary

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[15:43] SunTzu Greybeard: Can we ever leave QWERTY….I am not sure we can
[15:43] Stylianos Mystakidis (stylianos.ling): Diacrisis is the virtue
[15:43] Tree Kyomoon: resist being anti-evolution
[15:43] Gloria Mills: the governments have a security interest in the technology so they will likely take control
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[15:43] iSkye Silverweb: resistance can be valuable because we can’t just go forward willy-nilly with technology
[15:43] Tanya Smedley: privacy is a problem
[15:43] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: will major companies come in and run rough shod over us early adopters in VWs
[15:43] Senko91 Resident: facebook, huh, i’m careful with sites like that, you never know what they’ll keep once you’ve uploaded stuff
[15:43] Bevan Whitfield: it can all be used together as it is now
[15:43] carlicann Resident: only 2 of the Fortune 100 are remaining in SL… we scared them away imho
[15:43] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: what would it be like?
[15:43] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Resistance may be futile but it can be healthy, too
[15:44] Cato Digital: school has to own it
[15:44] Bill Friis: Only if we succeed.
[15:44] Tree Kyomoon: its easier and safer to hide in ludditism, it takes guts to embrace the new
[15:44] Carolrb Roux: I guess we will always be one step ahead of the big companies
[15:44] uglydance Resident: I am scared that I am being watched constantly on the internet
[15:44] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: how do we resist the pressures to dumb down these environments?
[15:44] Bevan Whitfield: use flat web for communication and 3D web for interacting
[15:44] Edith Halderman: Sun Tan – the hearing disabled wsould agree
[15:44] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: If they become popular with teachers and students?
[15:44] Grizzla Pixelmaid: IMHO being scared away from SL or VWs is like being scared away from the internet
[15:44] uglydance Resident: thought facebook, will that be the case in vw too_
[15:44] uglydance Resident: ??
[15:44] iSkye Silverweb: @Bevan, yes!
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[15:44] Hilbert Hotaling: When using things like Facebook, I take the attitude that anything I post is completely public. Even when it’s restricted to certain people.
[15:44] Sojourner Starship: eek
[15:44] Jacqueline Despres: I dunno — I work for IBM and all I ever do is demo Second Life to educators. No business case for taking over Linden.
[15:44] Tree Kyomoon: bevan yes!
[15:44] MelodiousC: I agree with you about blackboard
[15:45] Abacus Capalini: Not BB.. Pearson or some other publisher 😀
[15:45] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: something like BlackBoard dumbing down our great work
[15:45] Talliver Hartnell: agree about blackboard
[15:45] Carolrb Roux: but we will go to OS – the next new technology
[15:45] Hilbert Hotaling: I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually likes Blackboard.
[15:45] Grizzla Pixelmaid: Is that all LMSes or just Blackboard?
[15:45] Hilbert Hotaling: Anyone.
[15:45] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: sorry BB I hate your product
[15:45] MelodiousC: Dont like pearson either
[15:45] Senko91 Resident: lol haven’t seen a blackboard in 8 years
[15:45] Ran Hienrichs: I dare to say "don’t resist" – this is about the economies of scale, and we must encourage massive innovation.
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[15:45] Tree Kyomoon: pearson is just grabbing old outdated junk really cheap
[15:45] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: and Pearson is moving in
[15:45] Senko91 Resident: we had whiteboards XD
[15:45] Tangre Lexenstar: agree about Blackboard — glad I don’t have to use it anymore.
[15:45] Ran Hienrichs: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. Derek Bok quotes (American Educator and Lawyer (pres. of Harvard Univ. 1971-1990), b.1930)
[15:45] carlicann Resident: Rod Humble tried to dumb SL down… he actually made SL easier from day 1
[15:45] iSkye Silverweb: I haven’t seen a really decent LMS
[15:45] MelodiousC: we are a slave to them here in texas
[15:45] Carolrb Roux: noooo – dust
[15:45] Cato Digital: why cant school build their own vw
[15:45] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: I do use a traditional blackboard
[15:45] Bevan Whitfield: I just love blackboards (but I also write and send RL Xmas cards)
[15:46] BigRedCoyote Resident: Windows superceded DOS but we could not do VW without the GUI. Creativity I think will triumph. Just like I could not stop the Taggers from practicing in their notebook until I started askeing them to give me Illuminated answer sheets
[15:46] Metabasalt Timeless: ok what if vw run in browsers what are we going to lose?
[15:46] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: 15 minute mark — put your last concerns and issues in text chat
[15:46] Hilbert Hotaling: (My university has switched to Moodle now. Which is better, but still has its foibles.
[15:46] Carolrb Roux: my concern is that it will keep getting more and more expensive and beyond the scope of educators
[15:46] hjeidi Resident: not sure an attempted takeover of a VW would work as such – we would just move to something such as opensim
[15:46] Talliver Hartnell: like bevan’s point about flat web and 3d web
[15:46] Tree Kyomoon: the LMS is a really dumb concept from the beginning. It is built on compliance rather than efficacy
[15:46] Pim Peccable: So long a they don’t censor content – I’m good
[15:46] DoctorPartridge Allen: facebook resistance is akin to resisting industrialization. One can reject communications systems, methods, approaches, but as we’ve seen with facebook – aspects which breach social expectations are simply re-introduced after the fervor of initial distress dies down. It’s interesting that litigation has managed to tamp back some of the facebook privacy encroachments – see the German Gov. laws re the ‘like’ button
[15:46] MelodiousC: we are forced to use "blackboard" for credit recovery and dual credit
[15:46] Ozma Malibu: I don’t like LMSs but they are handy for organizing things at the moment & virtual worlds work fine with them for the purposes that virtual worlds are best for. Others have different solutions but this works for many, for now.
[15:46] Birdie Newcomb: I worry that students coming in for a class rarely return on their own. Is this just a generational thing? Is it changing?
[15:46] Bevan Whitfield: just buy content
[15:46] Jodeg Janus: opensim + unity3d web player
[15:46] SunTzu Greybeard: Passive Enviornments instead of active one
[15:47] EdwardScholarhands Resident: Remind me — this will be transcribed, right? It will be incredibly helpful to me in an upcoming symposium on campus. Any ballpark on how much time till the transcript?
[15:47] Kay Droverson: One thing that turns off my graduate students, who are mostly teachers, are access to sexual/inapporpriate content and griefers in Second Life, and they feel they can’t bring middle schoolers or high schoolers into SL. How do I addrss that?
[15:47] iSkye Silverweb: My concern is governments and large corporations seeing big bucks and taking over
[15:47] Cato Digital: be epic
[15:47] Decka Mah: There is an asset store of content for Unity too …just sayin
[15:47] Tree Kyomoon: content should be empowered with attached technologies rather than being forced to conform to a big system that adds little or no value
[15:47] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Browser-based VWs are great…but so far, I cannot create content for Unity or Jibe
[15:47] Jodeg Janus: also I see a webgl SL client on Chrome
[15:47] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: good question Hilbert. What is our ROI of learning to create content in other VWs? Can we allocate the time? or justify it?
[15:47] DyVerse  Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): when companies learn how to make money using virtual worlds thats when the trouble will begin
[15:47] carlicann Resident: in SL you can buy anything… literally, not so in other VWs
[15:47] Bevan Whitfield: it’s rather easy to be honest
[15:47] Tree Kyomoon: IE, the LMS should attach to the content and right now it works the opposite way
[15:47] hjeidi Resident: Kay – I use opensim running on our owner server to get round that problem
[15:47] BigRedCoyote Resident: How much more we can do in GIMP then I could do in MS Paint. and GIMP is a free down load
[15:47] Firery Broome: iSkye, do your students hang out at your school’s library just for fun
[15:47] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: nor have the incentive to do so…not enough reward from my evaluators
[15:47] Carolrb Roux: you can buy loads of stiff in other VWs
[15:47] Birdie Newcomb: Or get stuff for free.
[15:47] iSkye Silverweb: concern is losing the ability and empowerment of creating and collaborating in VWs
[15:47] Firery Broome: to thing that they would here is the same
[15:47] Bevan Whitfield: but the ‘killer app’ in SL is community
[15:47] Jodeg Janus: webgl+html5 is the future of virtual learning
[15:48] Firery Broome: give the a reason, they will come
[15:48] Ozma Malibu: A mix of technologies, well integrated, and virtual worlds are the primary piece.
[15:48] DoctorPartridge Allen: How can you determine the difference between corporate control and just entering a technologies stabilization phase?
[15:48] Tree Kyomoon: Bevan YES and that is also the Facebook Killer App
[15:48] Bevan Whitfield: no one is even near
[15:48] Talliver Hartnell: the web has all that content as well yet we use it in education
[15:48] Firery Broome: no reason why
[15:48] Tanya Smedley: OPensim
[15:48] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: this is going to be an amazing transcript
[15:48] Phil Komarov: migration to iPad?
[15:48] Birdie Newcomb: SL and opensim seem like common ground, no matter who owns it.
[15:48] Sabine Poliatevska shouts: aving them on a web client
[15:48] Sabine Poliatevska: aving them on a web client
[15:48] Sabine Poliatevska: aving them on a web client
[15:48] Sabine Poliatevska: aving them on a web client
[15:48] Sabine Poliatevska: aving them on a web client
[15:48] Tree Kyomoon: it integrates with facebook
[15:48] Bevan Whitfield: I don’t feel in FB – but I do hiere
[15:48] AgileBill Firehawk: when they run on iPad and Droid
[15:48] Bevan Whitfield: here *
[15:48] iSkye Silverweb: community happens so much better in a visual, 3d vw than in facebook
[15:48] Gloria Mills: developing a standard format to integrate the virtual world community
[15:48] AgileBill Firehawk: and SpotOn3d *ALREADY* runs in facebook
[15:48] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: we had a rough year with the tier increase.
[15:48] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: What do you think will be the biggest positive development for virtual worlds in the next year?
[15:48] Jacqueline Despres: browser based viewers
[15:48] Joe Arnica: Justin Beiber will use it.
[15:48] AgileBill Firehawk: (S03d – is opensim based)
[15:48] Pim Peccable: Collaborated content and Shared Experiences
[15:49] Joe Arnica: then all kids will.
[15:49] Zana Kohime: Open Sim for those who are not game developers and Jibe for those professionals who are.
[15:49] BigRedCoyote Resident: Other platforms to log in to that are better cheaper
[15:49] Phil Komarov: lol @Joe
[15:49] Birdie Newcomb: I see splintering of community
[15:49] Edith Halderman: LOL
[15:49] Que Jinn: Small worlds, many worlds
[15:49] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: what do you think will be the greates positive experiences coming up?
[15:49] Senko91 Resident: lol Bieber
[15:49] Carolrb Roux: making all accessible to the hypergrid would be good 🙂
[15:49] Loki Clifton: The Mobilization of Viewers to other Hardware
[15:49] Tree Kyomoon: facebook does a lot of what we do in here, and there are 700 FB users for every 1 SL user
[15:49] Birdie Newcomb: Hyperggridding
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[15:49] Tanya Smedley: increase in collbaoration on Opensim
[15:49] Florian Blaisdale: Jacqueline hit the head on the nail: browser based viewers. I tried the SL beta web viewer
[15:49] Bill Friis: The economy will pick up in RL.
[15:49] Second Life: VWER has been successfully uploaded to Flickr.
[15:49] Bevan Whitfield: I’m hanging out with a ton of really smart people now – FB or twitter is a stream of ‘drive by hi – here is a pic or a post’
[15:49] uglydance Resident: not so laggy
[15:49] Jodeg Janus: moving your avatar with your body?
[15:49] Talliver Hartnell: standards
[15:49] Senko91 Resident: maybe it’ll become an app for fb?
[15:49] Aisle: agree with you Jaqueline, browser based viewers
[15:49] DoctorPartridge Allen: Web client should be the biggest, but it goes hand and hand with open access (no login required) and breaking free of the walled garden. But is there any real evidence that we’ll see that sort of change in one year?
[15:49] Senko91 Resident: jk
[15:49] Cato Digital: more studies will come out
[15:49] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: we are still in Gardner’s trough… we can only go up!
[15:49] Abacus Capalini: Voice in OS 😀
[15:49] Zana Kohime: Interoperability between open sim.
[15:49] Phil Komarov: there’s alwaya lower trough
[15:50] carlicann Resident: some group will come up with tech that breaks through SL and opensim limitations…. truly scalable.. 1000 avis in a sim
[15:50] Tanya Smedley: lots of individaul "walled owrlds"
[15:50] Kay Droverson: Easier to use viewers that won’t crash all the time.
[15:50] AgileBill Firehawk: kinnect interface, cool yes
[15:50] DyVerse  Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): that they will still be here !! and will not go away like some are predicting the best thing is that we will carry on the fight
[15:50] Jacqueline Despres: yeah, we need, and the kids need, rapid in and out
[15:50] DoctorPartridge Allen: Biggest change i’ve started to see – widespread student acceptance
[15:50] BigRedCoyote Resident: More acceptance by the general population because of the proven utility of it as a teaching platform
[15:50] Genesis Waydelich: great adoption in k12 throughout the world (as David Deeds proposes)
[15:50] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: something like kinect?
[15:50] Senko91 Resident: yeah less crashing
[15:50] hjeidi Resident: getting SL on the grid 😀
[15:50] Birdie Newcomb: What about flying, though
[15:50] Tree Kyomoon: kinect takes too much energy…its a gimmick
[15:50] Talliver Hartnell: filters
[15:50] Kay Droverson: kinnect will be awesome
[15:50] iSkye Silverweb: a real 3d metaverse transversible via hypergrid..
[15:50] IanPrietz Arai: To me SL seems like a ton of work for very little ROI
[15:50] DoctorPartridge Allen: Second biggest change – people starting to use the sim as a sim
[15:50] Jodeg Janus: also 3D diplay from SL clients
[15:50] Hilbert Hotaling: With physical interaction, just remember the gorilla arm!
[15:50] Anastasios Aurotharius: mobile technology is less expensive and therefore more accessible to people that don’t have a lot of money
[15:50] lis Ruby: yes actual acceptance
[15:50] Ariell Enoch is offline.
[15:50] DoctorPartridge Allen: students now are just accepting it as a given
[15:50] lis Ruby: and innovation from students
[15:50] Ran Hienrichs: Because their teachers are accepting it.
[15:50] Birdie Newcomb: Vampire movies
[15:50] BigRedCoyote Resident: It annoys the parents
[15:50] Tangre Lexenstar: unless you are someone whose body doesn’t move well — moving avatars with bodies would be a problem for those users.
[15:50] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: Dr. partidge… why do you think students are starting to accept VWs more?
[15:50] Edith Halderman: starting too?
[15:50] Ncl Wozniak: the technology has improved/improving the experience
[15:50] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Why are students starting to accept virtual worlds more?
[15:51] Edith Halderman: they HAVE been
[15:51] DoctorPartridge Allen: gone is the resistance i saw four / five years back
[15:51] Seaking Serenity: In "Mastering the Hype Cycle", the authors clearly indicate that some technologies fall off from the trough of disillusionment.
[15:51] Tree Kyomoon: Exactly Tangre
[15:51] Carolrb Roux: because we are bringing them in earlier and it is part of their life whilst they are growing up
[15:51] Senko91 Resident: it’s much more fun and stimulating?
[15:51] IanPrietz Arai: Although I have been to a few places (ROMA and some others) that have had some very neat experiences, that I actually learned from
[15:51] Firery Broome: because there are more students who have used VW Sims usuers now
[15:51] Pim Peccable: Club P/WOW effet souns right
[15:51] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: club Penguin effect?
[15:51] Abacus Capalini: I’m starting to see more acceptance of Games Based Learning
[15:51] Metabasalt Timeless: initially they see it as an alternative to lectures
[15:51] Tori Landau: They are growing up with more technology
[15:51] Cato Digital: because you are getting the generation that are familiar with vw
[15:51] hjeidi Resident: as my adults start to use social media more they find it easier to accept to idea of using other tech as well
[15:51] Firery Broome: I see more SIms users than WOW
[15:51] Ran Hienrichs: Reading Transforming Virtual World Learning – it is teachers who know how to do it.
[15:51] Butterflyeyes73 Resident: itallows students who may not be able to openly chat the virtual world can give courage to participate
[15:51] Sojourner Starship: its plain interesting environment
[15:51] MelodiousC: I think the next year will see greater use of vw technology in small rural districts like mine due to cost effectiveness
[15:51] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: when students in higher ed put the pressure on for change, then it happens!
[15:51] Bevan Whitfield: well I’m not a bobble-head and I do enjoy walking and sitting in a proper manner
[15:51] Kay Droverson: one can be creative in it
[15:51] Edith Halderman: but it won’t be SL
[15:51] Tree Kyomoon: We need to get away from the ‘everyone must be like us’ and be more willing to consider interacting with the same environment from many perspectives…thats why FB wins right now
[15:51] Jens Nerido: they can some learning……they cant get…….real time conection…..global..for free
[15:51] BigRedCoyote Resident: well there you go Creativity will triumph in an environment of freedom
[15:52] DyVerse  Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): the gaming effect students play games and virtual worlds are the educational equivalent to games/mmo’s
[15:52] DoctorPartridge Allen: Big key is getting more transitional tech in place – but it’s also natural because viewers are getting more stable, network bandwidth is getting broader
[15:52] Cato Digital: also vw is still an infant
[15:52] Butterflyeyes73 Resident: ok I hear that
[15:52] Edith Halderman: it will be an educcation friendly place like Opensim
[15:52] Abacus Capalini: Minecraft is the cause 😀
[15:52] Kay Droverson: students are needing opportunities to be creativie
[15:52] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: More participation is key, but not unique to VWs
[15:52] Anastasios Aurotharius: perhaps college students could teach students in poorer countries now to use computers and virtual worlds
[15:52] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: the argument about shy students does not only apply to VWs.
[15:52] DoctorPartridge Allen: never underestimate the pressure of bad networks, sim crashes etc.
[15:52] Cato Digital: no one is yet sure the benefits
[15:52] Tree Kyomoon: People need to be able to interact with VW in less full ways, like mini cams poking in world without forcing the person to have a custom avatar
[15:52] BigRedCoyote Resident: We haven’t discussed the Bullying problem in Virtual worlds
[15:52] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: 8 minutes
[15:52] MelodiousC: poorer countries we have poor districts here in the US
[15:52] Pia Klaar: Students today in the earlier grades are not the same learners as those that are now in higher ed. They process info differently
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[15:52] Butterflyeyes73 Resident: I guess I was coming from a primary school perspective
[15:53] Bevan Whitfield: all those kids that are bullied in RL can come here and BE EPIC and not worry about their RL
[15:53] iSkye Silverweb: what I don’t like about fb is the company behind fb is a huge data mining and marketing entity, they are providing fb for profit, huge profit and they get all sorts of free data from users …
[15:53] Edith Halderman: the keynoter just admitted he is adlibbing…hmmmmm
[15:53] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: Bullying… how did you handle it?
[15:53] Tree Kyomoon: we need to meet them where they are at, rather than trying to get them to use VW like we think they should
[15:53] Carolrb Roux: we do – all the time ( re bullying) – we have to log down the sim and lock the avatars to the sim
[15:53] Ozma Malibu: I can’t see using FB in education.
[15:53] Ran Hienrichs: If it’s on the test, the student will do it with a furor.
[15:53] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Bullying in VWs…good topic!
[15:53] Carolrb Roux: *lock down the sim
[15:53] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: How do you handle it?
[15:53] Phil Komarov: don’t we have the same responsiblity to teach digital citizenship here?
[15:53] iSkye Silverweb: bullying = griefing
[15:53] Pim Peccable: right-click  -> report abuse
[15:53] uglydance Resident: that is a huge problem at my school. I had to tell my students to be careful and think twice before posting something mean about someone on the internet
[15:53] Florian Blaisdale: Bullying = griefing?
[15:53] Carolrb Roux: no we loack them to the sim
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[15:53] Tree Kyomoon: FB will be huge for education…its wisdom of the crowd collaboration and sharing better than anything out there
[15:53] DoctorPartridge Allen: Freeze and eject – generally easier when they’re in a room together
[15:53] uglydance Resident: But kids are always gonna be kids
[15:53] Kay Droverson: great place to teach digital citizenship
[15:53] Edith Halderman: how does that teach virtual world netiquette?
[15:54] Ran Hienrichs: good job. I’m out for a break!
[15:54] iSkye Silverweb: ha put all the griefers in the same sim together!
[15:54] AgileBill Firehawk: Privacy is important.
[15:54] uglydance Resident: people always talk behind the back. Problem is that vw and internet doesnt have a back
[15:54] Abacus Capalini: We require the students to share their avatar names with the instructor and remind them that they are still subject to the student code of conduct
[15:54] Bevan Whitfield: give them a 3 story transformer and let them take out the angst in a sand box
[15:54] BigRedCoyote Resident: Excellent session by the way
[15:54] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: griefers are not the only bullies. what about bullying from classmates?
[15:54] Zotarah Shepherd: Teach students how to deal with griefers and bullies
[15:54] Gentle Heron: Great point, UglyDance.
[15:54] Carolrb Roux: we have put up boards to call teachers, talked abotu putting a feedback line itn eh log out – to say whathas happened
[15:54] Edith Halderman: iSkype didn’t work in Australia either
[15:54] Zana Kohime: We have participation guidelines and they are banned if they do not follow the guidelines.
[15:54] Phil Komarov: waiting for it………
[15:54] Birdie Newcomb: Griefers are actually very inventive — just not socialized
[15:54] Tree Kyomoon: i need to be able to login to SL using my FB account, hav ean avatar dynaimcally created by my FB profile and then I’l use it more
[15:54] Eclectric Breitman is online.
[15:54] Butterflyeyes73 Resident: Moodle at my childrens school has allowed a platform similar to Facebook to occur but is overlooked by the teachers
[15:54] Tree Kyomoon: (not me, but your other user)
[15:54] Jodeg Janus: go keitely
[15:55] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Final Question! If you could have one wish for the next year in virtual worlds, what would it be?
[15:55] uglydance Resident: problem is to control what happens after school hours!
[15:55] Tanya Smedley: Supervisoion is key
[15:55] DoctorPartridge Allen: @Birdie – i had a similar thought. Of course the lack of social skills in one can cause pain for the other
[15:55] uglydance Resident: yes supervision is important
[15:55] Fleep Tuque: That more people would try Opensim
[15:55] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: If you could have 1 wish in VWs, what would it be?
[15:55] Ozma Malibu: Or education discount returns
[15:55] iSkye Silverweb: I see cost/budgeting as a big factor for EDUs
[15:55] Phil Komarov: ease of use (less lag and crashing)
[15:55] Bevan Whitfield: that LL smarts up a bit more
[15:55] Fleep Tuque: 🙂
[15:55] DoctorPartridge Allen: Drop the garden walls
[15:55] Pim Peccable: that I don’t crash
[15:55] Carolrb Roux: hypergird between all virtual worlds
[15:55] Gloria Mills: replace social media with virtual world integration
[15:55] hjeidi Resident: hypergrid
[15:55] Sojourner Starship: secure space for students under 16
[15:55] Star Fairymeadow is offline.
[15:55] SunTzu Greybeard: SIm-on-a-stick
[15:55] carlicann Resident: OpenSim rocks! yes… my wish too
[15:55] iSkye Silverweb: @Bevan,yes!
[15:55] Kay Droverson: More middle school and high school classes using it, so I can bring my own students to see it can happen.
[15:55] Stylianos Mystakidis (stylianos.ling): Opensource Browserbased SL
[15:55] Jacqueline Despres: yeah I’d have to vote for a stronger opensim myself — full scripting capability and the works
[15:55] Tanya Smedley: acceptance of htis platform as a viable tool for teaching and learning
[15:55] Tree Kyomoon: That I can login to SL from FB and thus get more people in here
[15:55] Clowey Greenwood: I started using FB groups for my undergrad classes last semester and it’s worked great – they put in links to interesting articles and communicate with me and their classmates that way.
[15:55] Laural McCallen: -That OpenSim continues to become a community that shares…..collaboration among educators
[15:55] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: hosting my own sim is a game changer for me
[15:55] AgileBill Firehawk: Wish, that our community stays together in spit of increaseingly diverse technical platforms
[15:56] uglydance Resident: I agree I wish it would run smoother, faster without any errors and crashes
[15:56] Birdie Newcomb: what carolb said
[15:56] Edith Halderman: one wish – am adjunt faculty position in SL
[15:56] Zotarah Shepherd: I would wish that more educators Publish and use media to tell people the good they are doing in VWs
[15:56] BigRedCoyote Resident: More land and less tier
[15:56] Laural McCallen: That is becomes more robust
[15:56] Jodeg Janus: SL/opensim on iPad
[15:56] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I’m with Fleep…more use of OpenSim, in particular hypergrid connected grids
[15:56] Phelan Corrimal: embrace the idea of the social contract
[15:56] Pionia Destiny: where can we get the transcript?
[15:56] Pionia Destiny shouts: where can we get the transcript?
[15:56] Pionia Destiny: where can we get the transcript?
[15:56] Pionia Destiny: where can we get the transcript?
[15:56] Pionia Destiny: where can we get the transcript?
[15:56] Joe Arnica: browser based sl that works on all hardware.
[15:56] Bevan Whitfield: I do SL on ipad
[15:56] Ncl Wozniak: +1 for Zotorah
[15:56] Bluebarker Lowtide shouts: Allow the creation and modification of new builds to be easier and more friendly to new users, because initially it is very daunting
[15:56] Bluebarker Lowtide: Allow the creation and modification of new builds to be easier and more friendly to new users, because initially it is very daunting
[15:56] Bluebarker Lowtide: Allow the creation and modification of new builds to be easier and more friendly to new users, because initially it is very daunting
[15:56] Bluebarker Lowtide: Allow the creation and modification of new builds to be easier and more friendly to new users, because initially it is very daunting
[15:56] Kay Droverson: My own wish is to get our own newly purchased island going and very active with lots of activity.
[15:56] Metabasalt Timeless: when will the transcript be available
[15:56] DyVerse  Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): that a company would come to jibe or open sim and provide an adequate space and training for building a space
[15:56] SunTzu Greybeard: I’d like to see sim-on-a-stick mere with pc-on-a-stick for a VW in an O/S integrated
[15:56] Bevan Whitfield: hi Zo
[15:56] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: Bhob Khaos (12m)
[15:56] carlicann Resident: transcript at vwer.org … library link
[15:56] BigRedCoyote Resident: Tim Allen grunt more power
[15:56] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: yes Zo, we do need more publications. Publish!
[15:56] Zotarah Shepherd: Not just in Journals either but for general public parents and students
[15:56] DoctorPartridge Allen: +1 for Blue – ease of build is important
[15:57] Abacus Capalini: Reaction Grid and Pathfinder ar at Parcel 25 on the Poster Sim
[15:57] lis Ruby: yes positive publicity in mainstream
[15:57] SunTzu Greybeard: The Virtual World Operating System
[15:57] Tangre Lexenstar: LOL@BigRedCoyote Tim Allen reference
[15:57] Edith Halderman: read TechTrends
[15:57] Joe Arnica: schools trying demostration grants from some large company.
[15:57] Naelmiknat Aeon: better tools to teach science subjects like physics, chemistry (real life like physical simulation)
[15:57] DoctorPartridge Allen: problem with the bottom of the curve is that it isn’t ‘cool’ to publish vw stuff anymore. 😉
[15:57] iSkye Silverweb: LL fix the long-standing boring but critical bugs FIRST then bring in more bells and whistles
[15:57] Hilbert Hotaling: My big wish is getting my PhD research on instrumentation of virtual learning environments done 🙂
[15:57] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: big journal, little journal, mainstream journal. Publish
[15:57] Kay Droverson: GRANTS! Grants for Second Life projects!
[15:57] Tree Kyomoon: if SL integrates better with FB, all that other stuff will happen due to sheer cash , popularity and force of will
[15:57] Zotarah Shepherd: Teacher journals and books too.
[15:57] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: 3 minutes…
[15:57] Tangre Lexenstar: "there’s an app for that"
[15:57] Carolrb Roux: I think we should run the world 🙂
[15:57] Bluebarker Lowtide shouts: ut @Kay yes, more grants XD
[15:57] Bluebarker Lowtide: ut @Kay yes, more grants XD
[15:57] Bluebarker Lowtide: ut @Kay yes, more grants XD
[15:57] Bluebarker Lowtide: ut @Kay yes, more grants XD
[15:57] iSkye Silverweb: I don’t WANT FB in SL
[15:57] Edith Halderman: hilbertt – I need to get mine done too
[15:58] BigRedCoyote Resident: Wish we come back next year and do the same thing
[15:58] SunTzu Greybeard: WIshes for a decent web thin client for SL and OpenSim
[15:58] uglydance Resident: I wish we could teach "physical subjects" through vw
[15:58] Jacqueline Despres applauds with enthusiasm
[15:58] Bevan Whitfield: http://jvwresearch.org Joural of Virtual Worlds
[15:58] Carolrb Roux: thank you !!
[15:58] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: VWER will be back in our usual place next week.
[15:58] Tanya Smedley: bravo!
[15:58] uglydance Resident: thank you!!!
[15:58] Edith Halderman:                        *•.¸’*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´¸.•*
[15:58] Edith Halderman:                   .•*♥¨`•  APPLAUSE !!!  •¨`♥*•.

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