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Sobre uso de Second Life ;-)

Para los que pasan mucho tiempo en SL…¿pueden identificar alguna conducta de las enumeradas a continuación en si mismos? 😉

Yo tengo algunas, mi consuelo es que no tengo las 20 😉


Signs That You’re Overusing Second Life


1. If your computer breaks, you don’t care about losing your work/music/photographs.. you’re more concerned you won’t be able to get on Second Life until it’s fixed.

2. Your priority is to pay the internet bill before all other bills.

3. When waking up at 3AM for a bathroom visit, you check your phone to see if you’ve had any offliners from SL.

4. You’re unsure whether your 3 best friends are male or female, because they’re in SL, have ambiguous names and you’ve never bothered to check.

5. You start using emoticons when you write letters/notes.

6. You start using your avatar’s name instead of your own name in real life situations.

7. The internet bill arrives in the post packed in a box.

8. When you forget one of your alt’s names.

9. If you think “safe sex” means a visit to Hard Alley.

10. If you have a business card/letterhead/business stationary with your avatar’s name on it.

11. If you sacrifice a holiday in favour of getting a new graphics card.

12. If you can name your favourite 10 sims without skipping a beat.

13. When you shift your sleeping pattern to match that of your SL friends.

14. When you have an account on Flickr, Plurk, Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with your SL friends when you’re not in world.

15. When you change jobs to one which lets you access Second Life at work.

16. When you’ve created a roleplaying alt.

17. If you can relate to one of the above.

18. If you can relate to all of the above.

19. If you deny any of these relate to you.

20. If you can create a list like this.



Ética y etiqueta en Twitter

Hace falta…jeje



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