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VWBPE 2012

5th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference

Como siempre el Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference ha sido una experiencia enriquecedora. Tres días de ideas y conocimiento generosamente compartido.

Ver este documento en Scribd


Algunos ejemplos van desde sugerencias de libros (, documentos en Google compartidos con mas de 49 educadores alrededor del mundo a la vez , páginas de Internet (Sim School) o magníficas presentaciones de las que comparto algunas fotos y plantillas.

Google Doc 49 personas VWBPE  2012



Comparto la Conferencia de Gentle Heron en SL, administradora de Virtual Ability

Ver este documento en Scribd
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Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference 2012

Ready and set! >>>>> Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference 2012 is a completely in-world conference on … virtual worlds,



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"Resistance is futile (Transcripción chat)


Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia) Faculty member at University of  Richmond.

["Resistance is futile: making a case for virtual worlds"

15:42] Senko91 Resident: where on of the ppl commenting mentions that in 50 years we won’t need texting anymore and that we can use brain vortexes to send thoughts to eachother XD
[15:42] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: Ju Roussel (6m), Pionia Destiny (7m), Losairam Pelliot (7m), tuanjana Resident (7m), Cato Digital (8m), Imma Milena (8m), Rudd Denver (8m), Tiboreva Resident (8m), wynshel Heir (9m), MelodiousC Resident (9m), Pim Peccable (9m), Merlin Moonshadow (10m), Metabasalt Timeless (10m), Thunder Insippo (10m), Bevan Whitfield (10m), Totiger Resident (11m)
[15:42] Carolrb Roux: 🙂
[15:42] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: Aisle Resident (10m)
[15:42] Jacqueline Despres: I’m surprised he was able to nuke his facebook account — do they really let us out once they have us?
[15:42] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: rosavioletta Resident (8m), Joe Arnica (9m), Tangre Lexenstar (11m)
[15:43] DyVerse  Jeffery-Steele (dyverse): at sxsw they had a session on immersive pc "glasses" and they had a hand held device used for input similar to a phone where you just press one of 9 keys etc
[15:43] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: One of my student’s nuked his FB account after reading Feed
[15:43] BigRedCoyote Resident: QWERTY is an example of educations resistangce to change Typeing teachers didn’t want to change
[15:43] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: JaneS Crystal (10m)
[15:43] Stylianos Mystakidis (stylianos.ling): Techno-resistance
[15:43] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: Bevan Whitfield (7m)
[15:43] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: DawnTornquist Resident (7m), BDSommerville Resident (7m)
[15:43] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: Teachergirl Razor (5m), Sheila Yoshikawa (5m), MelodiousC Resident (5m), Tripl321 Resident (6m), Merlin Moonshadow (6m)
[15:43] MystiTool HUD 1.6.0: Entering chat range: Madeleine Fitzgerald (3m), alogo Resident (4m)
[15:43] LoriVonne Lustre: Iggy: sometimes resistance is necessary

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The VWBPE exhibits



Transcribo nota de mi amiga Sheila Yoshikawa sobre su exhibición. Por supuesto hay otras como se puede ver en la fotos. Tremenda experiencia de aprendizaje.

***** Running a journal club in Second Life
Sheila Yoshikawa & Pancha Enzyme

This exhibit aims to provide insight into the practicalities and motivations concerned with running a journal club (JC) in Second Life (SL) on Infolit iSchool island. The JC has a focus on research in Information Literacy and Information Behaviour.

Since September 2010 we have held regular (usually monthly) meetings. A JC typically involves a discussion leader proposing a published research paper which is subsequently critiqued at the JC meeting. JCs are particularly valued in the health sector (see Deenadayalan et al., 2008)  and also used in other disciplines and professions (e.g. Young and Vilelle, 2011).

Traditional journal club meetings take place face to face, but virtual journal clubs have also formed, including ones using Twitter. The authors, who run the SL JC,  plan to investigate the motivations of club participants through a case study, drawing on chatlogs, snapshots, field notes, focus groups, interviews and a questionnaire. So far initial documentation has been gathered and a pilot focus group carried out.

The VWBPE exhibit includes: posters depicting the process of the Infolit iSchool journal club (how papers are chosen, session management  etc.); a presenter containing a series of web-linked panels to the previous JC papers; pictures and machinima of the JC room; and a poster on the process and outcome of the pilot interview.

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Virtual Worlds 5th annual Best Practices in Education 2012


Virtual Worlds 5th annual Best Practices in Education 2012 is right around the corner, March 15-17th. The theme this year is to "Be Epic"! Attendance is free and more information can be found on the official web site here: or direct link here: VWBPEWebHere.

Vía Kara’s Korner

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iSchool launch event: Monday 13 June 2011





**** Programme ****


11.00 SL time
**Introduction to the iSchool & Exhibition opening

* From: Sheila Yoshikawa (Sheila Webber  outside SL), Senior Lecturer in Sheffield University iSchool and Director of the Centre for Information Literacy Research

The Information School was founded in 1963, initially as the Postgraduate School of Librarianship, and later the Department of Information Studies. Last autumn we changed our name to the Information School, and also joined the iSchools organisation (, an alliance of academic departments which "are interested in the relationship between information, people and technology". iSchools is mainly in North America, and we were the first UK department to join.

Today, in Sheffield, we have been celebrating becoming an iSchool, and we wanted to extend this celebration virtaully to SL. We have just published our annual report for 2010: this 44 page publication is temporarily on the web at and you will see the wide range of activities and programmes that we are engaged with.

You can also see this on the poster exhibition that will be unveiled during this introduction. This mirrors a poster exhibition in Sheffield, and there are posters about key academic programmes and research groups. There is a separate notecard listing the posters. I will just mention that at the moment we are lacking the posters for our Chemoinformatics group. This is the leading group of its kind internationally, and I would particularly highlight the achievements of the head of this group, professor Peter Willett, who, in 2010 was the recipient of the Patterson-Crane Award of the Dayton and Columbus Chapter of the American Chemical Society and was recognised as the world‘s most cited library and information science researcher.

The website for the iSchool is at
The iSchool blog is at


11:15-11.50 SLT
** "Libraries and social media"
* Lorri Momiji (Dr Lorri Mon outside SL), Assistant Professor, College of Communication and Information, Florida State University.

Dr. Lorri Mon’s research has explored online information seeking, question-answering and social media in libraries, online environments and e-government.   In "Libraries and Social Media," she will discuss longitudinal research into trends in U.S. public libraries using new technologies.  Dr. Mon has been a co-investigator in an IMLS grant on IPL2: the Internet Public Library on education for digital and virtual reference, and received the ASIS&T SIG-USE Elfreda Chatman award in 2007 for research on question-answering by librarians and  educators in an avatar-mediated virtual world setting.  

Presentation in voice, discussions and questions in text chat. Please will everyone except the speaker mute their microphones. IM the chair (Sheila Yoshikawa) with any questions.


12.00-12.35 SLT
** "Reconfigurable culture: a journey through cyber ethnography"
* North Lamar (Dr Joe Sanchez  outside SL), Assistant Professor, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University. 

Dr Joe Sanchez researches in the areas of social media, virtual worlds, knowledge management, and collaboration. He was a Second Life pioneer, co-founder of the Educators Coop (

Presentation in voice, discussions and questions in text chat. Please will everyone except the speaker mute their microphones. IM the chair (Sheila Yoshikawa) with any questions.


12:45-13.20 SLT
** Discussion: "The potential benefits of having an iSchool/ library network for information literacy."
* Maggie Kohime (Lyn Parker outside SL), Head of Academic Development, Sheffield University Library leads the discussion.
Lyn Parker’s slideshare is at
See the *end of this notecard* for links and resources

Discussion in text chat only. Please mute your microphones.


13.30-14.00 SLT
** "Deep critical information behaviour"
* Nigl Forder (Professor Nigel Ford outside SL), University of Sheffield iSchool, and Sheila Yoshikawa launch this project, funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council

The project blog is just starting, at

Presentation and discussion in text chat only. Please mute your microphones.


14.15 SLT: Close.

Poster exhibition will remain on Infolit iSchool.
Go to


Maggie Kohime’s links and resources

Sheila Corrall, (2010) "Educating the academic librarian as a blended professional: a review and case study", Library Management, Vol. 31 Issue: 8/9, pp.567 – 593 Available from:
Article freely available until 1 September 2011 as it won a 2011 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence, having been judged the best paper published in the journal Library Management during 2010.

Sheila Corrall, Jonathan Keates, (2011) "The subject librarian and the virtual learning environment: A study of UK universities", Program: electronic library and information systems, Vol. 45 Iss: 1, pp.29 – 49 Available from:
Rachel Bickley, Sheila Corrall, (2011) "Student perceptions of staff in the Information Commons: a survey at the University of Sheffield", Reference Services Review, Vol. 39 Iss: 2, pp.223 – 243
Available from:
Centre for Inquiry Based Learning
Sheffield IBL Companion
Sheffield Graduate:

Sheffield Information Literacy Network

Pamela McKinney & Philippa Levy – Inquiry-based learning and information literacy development: a CETL approach

Sheila Webber’s work

– subject perspective
Stuart Boon, Bill Johnston, Sheila Webber, (2007) "A phenomenographic study of English faculty’s conceptions of information literacy", Journal of Documentation, Vol. 63 Iss: 2, pp.204 – 228

– Support for Researchers Information Literacy


*** Sheffield University iSchool Poster Exhibition
Opened 13 June 2011 on Infolit iSchool

The posters describe key programmes and research groups
This is a list of posters. Many of them will link to web pages when clicked, to give more information about the programme or group. Where this is the case, the link is given below.

*** List of posters

Educational Informatics Research Group
The poster describes a project about "Enriching inter-cultural working amongst students: a spatial perspective" – contact Dr Andrew Cox for more information

"Understanding HIV and AIDS related information behaviour: an ethnographic approach" Robinah Namuleme, Dr Peter Bath and Prof Nigel Ford. This is based on Robinah’s doctoral work: contact here (Robinah Marialla in SL) or Nigel Ford (Nigl Forder in SL) for more information.

MSc Health Informatics

Health Informatics Research Group

Knowledge and Information Management Research Group

Organik Project

MSc Information Management

MSc in Electronic and Digital Library Management

"Understanding Knowledge Transfer for social enterprise: some preliminary findings" Dr Angela Lin ( and Dr Jonathan Foster.

BA Information Management dual degrees

MSc Information Systems

12 and 13
nformation Systems Research Group

"One person librarians and Continuing Professional Development: a model of conceptions" Dr Eva Hornung
This poster is based on her just-completed doctoral research . Contact her at

"The user-centred design of a recommender system for auniversal library catalogue."  Simon Wakeling (, Dr Paul Clough, Barbara Sen, Lynn Connaway (OCLC)

Libraries and Information Society Research Group

MA Librarianship:

MA Librarianship student-created poster: links to their newsletter: "The Regent Librarian"

Notecard updated 8pm SLT 11 June 2011 by SY

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